Our Program

Our goal is to help our guests maintain their sobriety.  It is our desire to create a warm, comfortable and non confrontational living situation

that offers the optimum environment for our clients to succeed in their recovery.

We have created a structured program to help them with their goals. We believe mutual accountability is a key to sobriety. 

Program Details

1.We provide a 24 hour on-site manager. 

2.Monday through Friday, clients are required to be out of bed by 8:30am.

3.Clients must have their room clean and bed made by 9:15am.

4.Clients are required to attend at least five 12-step programs per week and have meeting cards signed.

5.One night a week we have a peer meeting to discuss individual performance and behavior.

6.We incorporate random observed drug testing using 13 panel tests.

7.Alexander House has a ZERO tolerance policy.  If a client is found to be under the influence or in possession of drugs, alcohol or paraphernalia they will not be allowed on the property.  In some cases they may be permitted to return after a period of sobriety.